The Idea:
Your Name In Graffiti originated from the idea that everyone can enjoy graffiti; from little Johnny to Grandma Zalinsky.
We strongly believe that graffiti can be appreciated by everyone, given a proper introduction to it. Adults tend to experience graffiti onpersonal property, resulting in a negative perception. Kids are introduced to it now in the media, but do not have any real connection to the art form itself. We at YNIG are promoting the understanding of, and connection to, Graffiti art by helping humanity flex its right brain, one piece of artwork at a time.
The Definition:
Graffiti n. pl. graf•fi•ti (-t ): A drawing or inscription made on a wall or other surface, usually so as to be seen by the public.
The Interpretation:
Graffiti is an art medium that utilizes all art forms from all eras and combines them with the urban atmosphere. Graffiti art is a way to express individuality and community through display of word and picture. Graffiti is a reflection of our society as it modifies and adjusts to its surroundings at the speed of human thought.
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