Most questions about getting your name in graffiti can be found here. If you can’t find it, shoot us a message and we’ll respond and add it to the list.

Shipping (2)

Do you Ship to my country?

We ship anywhere if you are willing to pay the shipping which varies on where you are and what you want. So far we have sent art to Canada, London, Australia, Denmark and New Zealand to name a few.  Contact us with your information and we can get you and estimated quote on cost.  
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Buying Graffiti (9)

How do I get My Name in Graffiti?

Click on the Shop or let the list drop and choose an item you are interested in.  Each page has instructions specific to the item you are trying to order.

Is it possible to incorporate a picture with the graffiti?

The simple answer is yes, on products that are printed, poster, printed canvases, shirts, ect.  There will be an additional fee, depending on the image and the product. Hand painted items will be subject to the particular image request and item. Hand painted items will be subject to a much larger addition cost. If you would like us to add in a picture that you own to customized graffiti piece, you will need to provide a high resolution image.    
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Product Care (2)

How long does the paint last on shoes?

The life of the artwork will be the result of the amount of care taken when wearing the shoes. Two things to consider: If the shoe is made of canvas (Converse Chucks), the paint will hold to the cloth. This makes the paint more durable and allows the shoe to be worn more often without thaving to be concerned about ruining the art. If the shoe is leather, the paint sits on top of the leather. This means the shoes are your special pair of shoes that you are wearing sparingly or for special occasions.  If you go kicking around in the dirt and mud, there is a good chance it will ruin your artwork.

Can I wash my custom hat?

We don’t recommend putting the hat in the dishwasher or other forms of hard cleaning. Hand Washing is recommended. For small smudges, use a damp cloth or Shout! wipes.
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