Custom Graffiti Murals
frog page  We paint murals on inside and outside walls.  Murals are a refreshing addition to any room or building.  Do you have a boring wall that needs a little something or an outside wall that gets tagged with graffiti vandalism?  We can help you.   For a free quote on a space, send us an email with at least 2 digital images(various angles) and demensions of the wall(s). There is a $50 Consultation fee for on-site project assessment and estimate. The consultation fee will go towards the down payment to start the project. We will need a down payment of half of the project cost or full payment to start the Painting Process. ColfaxGaylord

Custom Mural Breakdown

Residential murals start at $4- 7 per sq. ft. Commercial murals start at $8-15 per sq. ft. Please email inquiries and photos to: See more examples of murals in our Portfolio.   bj             NBC2                                  


MyNameInGraffiti by Your Name In Graffiti